One of a Kind Collection

We stamp our own personal style onto whatever we wear, which makes it full of life.  All pieces in  this collection are perfect to accentuate any outfit to make it look unique and elegant.

Each Love by Eco design is uniquely made with upcycled materials mixed with tons of creativity, art, care and love.

Find the best statement necklaces that will fit with your unique style. Upgrade a simple outfit with a Love by eco statement necklace to make it a runway piece and stand out in a fashionable way.

Please check out my other Eco designs and thanks for sharing your Love with the planet and the people that live on it ♥

Each Love by eco design is a unique piece, when you purchase them you will not only own a unique design but also  you’re promoting a green living!

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If you are interested in any of these designs, please send an email to with the accessory name or description so I can send you the product details.


Copyright @Love by eco. Taking the designs or duplicating these products for resale is illegal. If you are interested in custom work, please contact Love by eco directly.


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