How an idea becomes a design

Love by eco hair accessoriesI try to create a piece of art from the heart. I look for opportunities to convert post consumer materials into a unique jewelry designs

This is how the process of convert and idea into a reality takes place. I look every where for post consumer materials that I can use it can be a plastic bag, soda tap, a flower anything that I can get inspiration from.

Then I start thinking what I can do with it? probably spend few hours playing with textures, colors and materials to let them inspire me to create a jewelry piece that would be wear to stand out a unique personal fashion style

Some times I get inspiration from nature, from architecture and some times just from my imagination.
I really admire the work of all the artist and people that are working into create a new idea for a better world.

The creative process is a hard but fulfilling state of the art that brings into the world the unique creativity everyone posses and wants to share.

Every time I create a design I think about the ways my designs can make a difference. If you like Love by eco accessories and what it stands for please Spread out the word about Love by eco and become a love ambassador and use your inspiration to make the word a better place!

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