Im a big fan of art, fashion and the environment. Creativity is a big motor for me.

Love by eco was created from my desire to do something meaningful, something that I love and at the same time would help the planet and the people on the planet. That is how Love by eco was born, combining art with fashion and using upcycled materials to create sustainable fashion.

In every design I try to create a piece of art from the heart. I look for opportunities to transform post consumer materials into unique jewelry designs. Some times I get inspiration from nature, from architecture and some times just from my imagination.

I really admire the work of all the artists and people that are working to create a new idea for a better world. I think as a humans we have a immense potencial to do great things, to live a more sutainable and meaningful life style, to share love and to use our skills to inspire and make the world a better place for all.

Every time I create a design I think about the ways my designs can make a difference. If you like Love by eco accessories and what it stands for, spread out the word about Love by eco and become a love ambassador.

Use your inspiration to make the word a better place!

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