Fashion with a purpose

Love by Eco are Unique Eco designs handmade with art and love for a great cause. All designs are made with recycled and organic materials mixed with creativity, art, care and love.

bitsnecklaceAll Love by eco designs are created to accentuate a simple outfit to make it a runway piece!

Im a big fan of art, fashion and the environment. Creativity is a big motor for me. Love by eco was created from my desire to do something creative, do something that I love and at the same time that would help the planet and the people on the planet.

That is how Love by Eco was born, combining art with fashion and using upcycled materials to create fashion with purpose.

When you purchase a Love by Eco accessory will you own a handmade unique eco friendly design while you be promoting a green living.

Love_by_eco_designerI would love to hear from you, please keep in touch through the Facebook Love by Eco Fan page and tell us the ways you share your love for the planet and the people of the planet!

This is my way to share with you that beautiful things can be made when you care and share your love!

Thanks for been a part of this!



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